Promotion Announcement – Wyn Turnbull to Global Technical Director

We are thrilled to announce Wyn Turnbull’s well-deserved promotion.

We are thrilled to announce Wyn Turnbull’s promotion to Global Technical Director. Over the past six years, Wyn has been instrumental in enhancing our Technical Authority, significantly improving quality and efficiency through knowledge sharing mechanisms, technical research, documentation, technical tools, and standardisation of the Black & White product.

The Technical Authority, under Wyn’s leadership, has adeptly managed our business’s technical challenges, providing a robust platform to elevate our capabilities. Maintaining our high standards of technical expertise enables Black & White to continue to meet our clients’ needs and support our growth.

Congratulations, Wyn, on this well-deserved promotion!

Promotion of Steven Horn to Managing Director – Europe

We are delighted to announce this well-deserved promotion

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of Steven Horn to Managing Director – Europe.

Steven founded our UK/European business in 2014, and through his unique hands-on leadership style, he has achieved incredible success. Under his guidance, our business has grown to include a network of seven offices/entities in the UK and Europe, becoming a significant player in the region.

Steven initially joined Black & White in the UAE in 2008. His dedication and vision have been instrumental in driving our UK and European expansion, building a team of talented professionals, and establishing strong client relationships.

We all look forward to furthering our European expansion with Steven at the helm, as we aim to serve our clients across a wider geography through a blend of organic growth and strategic acquisitions. His commitment to excellence and innovation will undoubtedly lead us to new heights.

Please join us in congratulating Steven on his well-deserved promotion and we wish him continued success in his new role!

Celebrating Success for Omran Alawadhi

Triumph at the Emirates Junior Powerlifting Championships

We are thrilled to share a remarkable achievement from one of our own graduates, Omran Alawadhi, who recently clinched his first gold medal at the Emirates Junior Powerlifting Championships 2024 and shattered a national record in the process. This incredible feat not only highlights his dedication and perseverance but also serves as a source of inspiration for us all.

In his own words, he reflected on the journey that led him to this momentous achievement: “Out of the many times I competed, I ended up last place more than once. It was crushing, it would’ve been very easy to just stop, find something else because this is clearly not working out, right? Wrong! I decided to not be satisfied with mediocrity, and push through that mental block that absolutely loves the comfort zone. The comfort zone is just another name for the graveyard of dreams and aspirations, and it was too early for me to visit that cemetery. It’s disgraceful for the soul to give up when the body is still going strong.”

His words resonate deeply with the essence of resilience and determination. Despite facing setbacks and challenges along the way, he refused to succumb to mediocrity and instead chose to push beyond his limits, ultimately emerging victorious.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Omran on this remarkable achievement. His triumph not only brings honour to himself but also fills us with immense pride as members of the Black & White family.

His journey reminds us that success is not always immediate, and setbacks are simply stepping stones on the path to greatness.

Congratulations once again to Omran on his outstanding achievement. Here’s to continued success and countless more victories in the future!


Black & White’s CEO, Mick Cairns Recognised in The CIO World’s Prestigious Feature

Mick Cairns features prominently in the ‘UAE’s Most Influential CEOs You Need to Know’ edition.

We are thrilled to share that Mick Cairns has been prominently featured in The CIO World’s highly anticipated edition titled ‘UAE’s Most Influential CEOs You Need to Know.’ This recognition highlights our CEO’s exceptional leadership, vision, and impact in the industry.

Read further to delve deeper into the insights and achievements of Mick Cairns, showcasing his remarkable contributions to the technology landscape and beyond.

P28: UAE’s Most Influential CEOs You Need to Know

Shortlisted for Multiple Prestigious Awards in 2024

We are proud to be recognised for our dedication to excellence and innovation.

We are proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for several prestigious awards, highlighting our commitment to excellence and innovation in the MEP design industry.

Firstly, we are thrilled to be a finalist at the 2024 Electrical Review & Data Centre Review Excellence Awards, where we have been shortlisted for two categories – Data Centre Consultancy of the Year and Training Provider of the Year. These nominations reflect our dedication to providing top-notch services and training programs, showcasing the talent and expertise of our team.

Additionally, we are excited to share that we have been shortlisted for the G4C Commitment to Employee and Training Development Award. This nomination recognises our efforts in fostering a culture of continuous learning and growth for all our team members. At Black & White, we believe in investing in our people, and this nomination is a testament to the success of our strategies in supporting the professional journey of every employee.

Furthermore, we are pleased to announce that we have been shortlisted for the People and Culture award at this year’s Constructing Excellence in the Northeast. This nomination highlights our ongoing commitment to developing a vibrant, inclusive, and empowering workplace culture. Our people are our greatest asset, and it’s their hard work, creativity, and dedication that drive our success.

Lastly, we are excited to share that we have been shortlisted for the Construction News Construction Consultancy of the Year Award 2024. This recognition underscores our team’s hard work, talent, and commitment to excellence in the construction industry.

We thank our incredible team for their exceptional contributions and look forward to celebrating our collective achievements and continuing to push boundaries, deliver value, and serve our clients and communities.

Stay tuned for more updates as we approach the awards ceremonies in May and June!


We are thrilled to announce that we have welcomed our 500th team member!

Each new addition to our team brings unique talents and perspectives, enriching our workplace culture.

We are thrilled to announce that we have welcomed our 500th team member to the Black & White family!

We’re proud to have such a diverse and dedicated team, and we look forward to achieving new milestones together.

Join us in welcoming our newest team member, Abhishek Kumar, Revit/Cad Technician in our New Delhi team, and celebrating this incredible achievement!


Transformative journey of data centres and technologies in KSA: Insights from Black & White Engineering

Alistair Davis, Black & White director based in Dubai, took part in the Saudi Cloud and Data Centre Convention 2023.

In the world of data centres and evolving technology, Black & White Engineering stands as a leading MEP consultancy, specialising in intricate MEP engineering projects. Over the last decade, our focus has centred on the growing data centre industry, fostering strong partnerships with colocation providers and hyperscalers.

Recently, Alistair Davis, one of our directors based in Dubai took part in the Saudi Cloud and Data Centre Convention 2023. His engagement delved into the dynamic world of data centres, cloud technologies, and their evolving landscape, presenting valuable insights into the industry’s current state and prospects.

Reflecting on pivotal technological and innovational advancements, Alistair highlighted the game-changing impact of hyperscalers, Data sovereignty, sustainability, modular construction and the surge of streaming services. These innovations have significantly shaped the data centre landscape, bringing forth a new era of efficiency and sustainability.

Alistair’s exploration into the receptivity of data centres to technology shed light on future-ready designs and innovative integrations. These include developments such as Microsoft’s AI chips and liquid cooling systems, reflecting the industry’s commitment to embracing cutting-edge solutions.

Anticipating the future, Alistair emphasised the transformative potential of Machine Learning, IoT, and their profound implications across industries, from healthcare to everyday conveniences. The vision for future data centre innovations highlights AI, IoT, cloud strategies, 5G advancements, edge computing, and renewable energy integration as key drivers.

Furthermore, Alistair analysed the predictability of future technologies, showcasing the potential of AI-powered energy management and predictive maintenance systems. These advancements promise to optimise MEP systems for energy efficiency and refine data centre operations significantly.

Concluding thoughts highlighted Saudi Arabia’s strides in becoming a global leader in data-driven economies through initiatives like the SDAIA and visionary projects like NEOM and Qiddiya. However, challenges in IT capacity, talent retention, and deployment persist, emphasising the need for ongoing innovation and skilled workforce development.

Black & White Engineering remains committed to driving innovation and shaping the future of data centres and technologies. Contact us to explore how we can enhance your data centre projects, contributing to the tech-driven future.

Black & White Engineering expands to Paris: A new chapter unfolds

The recent expansion signifies a major step forward in the Data Centre industry.

Black & White Engineering’s recent expansion to Paris signifies a major step forward in the Data Centre industry. This move showcases our dedication to strategic growth and delivering excellence. Established officially in September 2020, the Paris office is now firmly entrenched in the Western European market, focusing on business development in France and French-speaking regions while supporting new regional projects.


Black & White Engineering SAS, our Paris stronghold, strategically positions itself within the business landscape of the French capital. Stemming from our UK presence, this expansion has led to six Data Centre projects in the Paris region and nurtured partnerships with local engineering companies in France.

Broadening partnerships and reinforcing existing relationships are pivotal for our agility and design reputation. This initiative opens doors for engaging new clients seeking innovative Data Centre solutions. Our commitment to international development underscores our alignment with local culture and regulations, allowing us to tap into the rapidly increasing local market.

Team and Operations

Combining local insights with global expertise, Black & White Paris focuses on daily operational support, business development, networking, and service delivery. Participation in industry events and networking engagements amplifies our presence. Meanwhile, legal processes and local service contracts streamline our operations.

Future plans involve recruiting a Project Manager/Project Director to bolster operations and support the UK team. Leveraging local partnerships remains crucial in delivering tailored engineering solutions meeting market needs.

Future Plans

With support from leadership and global teams, the Paris office has achieved significant milestones. Plans include securing a strategic co-working space and recruiting project management and MEP Engineer roles by 2024. Our presence in France also paves the way for potential expansion into other European countries and Africa.

Black & White’s expansion into Paris highlights our strategic planning and commitment to client success. This milestone marks the beginning of our journey to expand, achieve project management independence in France, discover new clients, and explore the vibrant French and European markets.

Jamie discusses prefabricated modular solutions in data centres

Jamie Darragh, Black & White Technical Director, examines the benefits and challenges of prefabricated modular solutions in his article for MEP Middle East Magazine, December 2023.

Jamie Darragh, Black & White Technical Director, examines the benefits and challenges of prefabricated modular solutions in an article for MEP Middle East Magazine, December 2023.

You can read the article here: Data_Centres_Prefabrication

Celebrating Jon and Errol’s 15-year anniversaries

In the coming months, more long serving team members will be joining Black & White’s Milestone Club

At Black & White, we recognise the strength of long-term commitment and the value it brings to our organisation. We are proud to celebrate the remarkable journey of two of our Associate Directors, Jon Mitchell and Errol Ruddock, as they join our growing 15-year Black & White Milestone Club. Their expertise, hard work, and commitment have significantly contributed to our success, solidifying their positions as valuable members of, and an inspiration to, our one global team. 

Jon shared how his experience has been in the last 15 years: 

“There are many reasons I have been a part of Black & White for the last 15 years. I have had the privilege of leading many great teams on a wide range of projects. I have worked on construction sites in just about every sector and been able to travel the world doing the job I love. My role allows me to influence designs and develop them on site. I get the satisfaction of seeing a building come to life after months of design and construction and handing it over to the end user. 

So many great memories from the daily drive to Yas Island to the harsh winters and perfect summers in Azerbaijan. Inspecting the helipad on the Burj Al Arab and surveying a private island in the Seychelles were experiences I will never forget. 

The company is growing rapidly, and I am proud to have been there from its foundations, working with so many brilliant people I consider my extended family. I know there are many more opportunities, challenges, and adventures to come.” 

In the coming months, two more team members will be celebrating their 15-year journeys with us: Emmanuel Garcia, Senior Site Inspector, and Rex Erro, IT Manager, joined us during our early years and have since made Black & White their extended family. 

In 2024, we will welcome more people to the Black & White Milestone Club. A total of 26 dedicated team members across our global offices will be celebrating their 10-year anniversaries, marking a decade of collective experience and knowledge. These celebrations enrich our global team, shape our company’s culture, and reflect our commitment to be an industry-leading employer of choice. These are a testament to the strong bonds that have been forged within Black & White and the enduring relationships we have with our valued clients. 

It is the dedication of individuals like Jon, Errol, Emmanuel, Rex, and the 26 team members reaching their 10-year milestones, that has played a key role in the growth and success of our global team. Their innovation and passion have fostered a sense of community that we deeply value and is what makes Black & White a thriving and dynamic firm. 

Together, we continue to provide top-tier services to our clients worldwide, and we look forward to a future filled with even greater achievements, shared experiences, and continued growth. 

Our Frankfurt office is now officially open!

Our new office in Frankfurt is the result of our continued expansion and future growth strategies within Germany and the rest of Europe.

We extend our gratitude to our clients, partners, and colleagues, as we announce the opening of our new Black & White office in the West End area of Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 

The data centre markets in both Frankfurt and Berlin have seen significant growth for Black & White in the past few years, and our data centre business continues to go from strength to strength in the region. To enable us to continue supporting our clients and partners in Germany even more effectively, our new office in Frankfurt will assist in our continued expansion and future growth strategies. 

Steven Horn, Director, UK/Europe, stated: 

“Thanks to the continued support of our clients, partners, and Black & White one global team, the data centre sector in Germany continues to be one of our largest markets so strategically, it made perfect sense for us to open our first office in Germany in Frankfurt. The aim is to continue to grow the Black & White business in country and further enhance our offering and service to our clients and partners.” 

Charlie Bater, Director, Data Centres, added: 

“With Germany soon becoming the first European country with two major data centre regions, Frankfurt and Berlin continue to be key markets for Black & White with projects under construction and on Black & White’s drawing board approaching a total planned capacity of 1GWIT. Our clients and partners have been instrumental in this success over the last few years and our new office location in Frankfurt enables us to be closer to them, the projects we’re delivering and allows us to continue to support the large demand for data centre capacity in Germany.” 

As we expand our global presence, this strategic move underscores our commitment to delivering innovative engineering solutions and advancing meaningful collaborations in the heart of Europe. We look forward to forging new partnerships and contributing to the region’s built environment. 

Announcing our new senior-level promotions

We are pleased to announce new senior level promotions within the business to help support our continued expansion and future growth strategies.

Our business is on a trajectory of continuous growth, with new ventures into new regions as well as steady expansion of our data centre and building services year after year. We are consistently striving to refine and enhance our operations at Black & White, optimising our service delivery for clients and internal teams alike. 

We are pleased to announce new senior level promotions within the business to help support our continued expansion and future growth strategies. These promotions reflect the dedication of our people, our one global team approach, and the continued support of our clients and partners. 


Charlie Bater has been promoted to Director – Data Centres 


In this pivotal global role, Charlie’s responsibility is to further advance the Black & White data centre engineering business and delivery model. 

As the newly appointed Director – Data Centres, Charlie will collaborate closely with our clients, global engineering teams, and shared services teams to steer the development, early-stage design input, coordination, and delivery of our global data centre projects. He will provide support to promote innovation and development, with a strong focus on effective communication and collaboration with colleagues and clients. 


Obi Onuora and Karl Snowball have been promoted to Area Directors  


Two strategically important regional Area Director roles are the promotions of Obi Onuora and Karl Snowball.  Both Obi and Karl will continue to lead and oversee the Black & White London and Newcastle offices, respectively.  Over the past couple of years both our London and Newcastle offices have seen exceptional growth, people development, and achieved ongoing success as part of the Black & White global team. 

In their new roles as Area Directors, Obi and Karl will focus on team development, growth, and the profitability of Black & White offices. They will also nurture key relationships to support sustainable growth. They will maintain close collaboration with Black & White teams in the UK and worldwide, focusing on various aspects of people development, client engagement, and service delivery. 

Furthermore, Obi and Karl will work to strengthen and expand client and partner relationships and keep a vigilant eye on market conditions, emerging opportunities, and key sectors for future growth. 

Congratulations, Charlie, Obi, and Karl. Here’s to our continued success together!