Date : 01/07/2023
About the role

Black & White Engineering (B&W) is a leading MEP design consultancy. Launched in the UAE in 2007, we became an independent company in 2014 and are now a true global consultancy with offices in Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Australia.

Our engineering expertise reaches across all sectors of the construction industry, providing pragmatic and practical design solutions to ensure our projects are spatially and operationally efficient. Our design process fully considers the installation and maintenance practicalities on site.

As a business, our ambition is to be a leading global MEP consultancy and as a purposeful employer, our mechanical team is critical to our overall success.

Reporting to the Principal Engineer – Mechanical, this role will work in collaboration with local and global teams to meet the objectives. The ideal candidate will have experience in designing and managing projects, and must have knowledge to work on Excel, HAP, Pipe Flo, Navis, and BIM 360. Experience in data centre design is also critical for this role.

We have ambitious growth plans, so key priorities will include:

  • Developing skills, knowledge, and experience in mechanical services and other disciplines
  • Planning, organising, and coordinating all disciplines
  • Thinking and decision making with assistance where required
  • Communication in clear terms, both oral and written
  • Teamwork and leadership are keys to success at this level

This is a hands-on role, working closely with several global teams alongside local leaders and engineering teams to ensure the required level of resource is in place to deliver the objectives and KPI’s of projects.

Your recommendations, conversations, and plans are based on a thorough understanding of both internal and external data and insights. By maintaining close proximity to this information, we aim to offer the best practice support to our teams.

  • Works mainly without supervision; refers upwards as necessary
  • Promotes innovation
  • Allocates tasks and coordinates activities
  • Authors official documents e.g., letters and reports for internal or external use
  • May, in addition, be responsible for one or more of the following:
    • Works as per Black & White’s Quality Management System
    • Guides the design engineer, checks the design, ensures code compliance and quality as per Black & White standards
  • A Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Building Services Engineering from an appropriate education institute, or equivalent qualification or sufficient experience
  • Experience in data centre design is critical for this role

Developing skills, knowledge, and experience

Taking the initiative in developing self and career; continuously assessing own abilities and aspirations, and evaluates them against suitable development and career opportunities within Black & White; fostering the long-term learning and development of others, and has a focus on the development intent and effect rather than on the formal role of training; striving to advance technical skills which differentiate Black & White from competitors; and demonstrating skill and technical competence in the discipline.

  • Seeks opportunities to meet the development needs of self and others
  • Has achieved a professional qualification, if one exists for the individual’s profession in the location, or demonstrates the equivalent level of professional knowledge, experience, and skill
  • Demonstrates extensive knowledge of specialist area(s)
  • Keeps up to date professionally or technically, and applies new knowledge and skills
  • Demonstrates good all-round hands-on design or supervisory experience
  • Actively ensures people have development plans in place
  • Encourages and supports the broadening of experience, knowledge, and skills through transfers, secondments, etc.
  • Provides opportunities for people to enhance their roles and capabilities
  • Contributes to the development of others by actively sharing expertise e.g., by acting as a mentor
  • Uses coaching style, questioning to engage individuals and support them to determine their own method and approaches to achieving tasks and goals
  • Provides technical mentorship
  • Is skilled in the use of all the software packages necessary to perform the role
  • Contributes to the discussions of, and development of, solutions to industry issues
  • Promotes quality of delivery; strives to get it right first time, every time

Planning and Organising

Identifying objectives clearly, planning actions, allocating tasks, and monitoring progress; coordinating with and informing others as necessary; having the ability to juggle different conflicting demands and priorities; and ensuring delivery is planned to include sufficient time for QA or QC.

  • Adopts simplicity in approach to problems and solutions
  • Coordinates tasks for others
  • Sets achievable targets, milestones, and objectives for self and others
  • Checks progress against budget and deadlines regularly, acts and reports on it
  • Identifies bottlenecks and organises for additional support to unblock them
  • Predicts and plans resources and associated costs or fees from a basic understanding of operating costs
  • Manages time effectively, delegating wherever possible
  • Has frequent meetings with everyone involved in a project, so all are aware of what is expected of them and the part they play in the project as a whole
  • Responds to changes in a structured and ordered way
  • Makes progress on complex issues even when the way ahead is unclear
  • Adopts a structured approach to recording and storing data
  • Is able to carry out multiple tasks to use time effectively
  • Copes with the un-ideal, not always given a clean sheet of paper
  • Works around what is already in place
  • Designs and delivers events, activities, processes, or projects which have a major impact on the business
  • Predicts and plans future resources including setting up new projects and project plans

Thinking and Decision Making

Analytical, creative, and conceptual thinking; the ability to evaluate options, consider the consequences and implications, reach conclusions, and make recommendations and decisions.

  • Deals forecasts possibilities by interpreting several inputs, balancing, and weighting data to predict and plan likely developments
  • Builds on previous work to address new situations
  • Provides innovative solutions to complex problems
  • Considers a variety of options before making a decision and taking action
  • Pulls together diverse information into one overall concept
  • Contributes ideas which improve the outcome
  • When consensus cannot be achieved, does not allow the matter to drift, but takes a final decision
  • Considers broader business issues in decision making

Commercial Awareness and Acumen

Understanding the importance of financial success and the willingness or ability to act in the interest of achieving it; negotiating the best terms for Black & White; managing legal and contractual aspects; and desiring to work efficiently, as time is money.

  • Finds out what is included in the resource allocation and ensures efficient delivery based on this
  • Monitors and manages resource within the budget
  • Understands the terms and conditions applicable within the contract and works within these parameters
  • Actively identifies new business opportunities from existing services delivery, as well as new opportunities
  • Demonstrates an understanding of the difference between how much something costs in terms of time and/or money, and how much it is worth to the customer
  • Shows an interest in financial and business results
  • Avoids loss by carefully handling resource decisions and raising ‘early warnings’ to project engineers or directors

Building Customer/Client Relationships

The desire to delight customers (may be other individuals or offices within Black & White) by concentrating on discovering, understanding, and satisfying needs; networking, bringing people, opportunities, and activities together; and arranging win/win solutions.

  • Acts with integrity, is straight-talking, respectful, and fair
  • Gains a good understanding of the customer’s needs through meeting, discussing, understanding, and research
  • Asks questions (possibly challenging) to ensure the customer’s needs will be met by the brief or request
  • Tells customers the truth in positive terms
  • Is able to say ‘no’ without damaging the relationship
  • Puts effort into establishing trust and rapport with others
  • Networks with people from other parts of the organisation
  • Works within cultural rules for socialising with business associates
  • Operates effectively in other countries or with people from other cultures
  • Seeks and acts upon feedback from customers
  • Is accountable for delivery of the final ‘product’ to the customer


Receiving, interpreting, and imparting information and ideas, both written and spoken, to a wide range of people, influencing others.

  • Uses every means (visual aids, working models, etc.) to make presentations exciting and interesting
  • Identifies the key issues and communicates them concisely and simply
  • Uses language appropriate to the audience e.g., does not use technical or professional jargon when communicating with people from different disciplines or professions
  • Adapts communication to other cultural styles
  • Asks questions to ensure others have understood what they need to do
  • Explains complex concepts in simple terms
  • Persuades through debate and logical argument in a non- adversarial way
  • When appropriate, tells people honestly and positively things they don’t want to know

Teamwork and Leadership

Working in a group in a complementary fashion, which when effective, produces a holistic solution; liaising and cooperating with others; and being aware of own and others’ strengths and weaknesses.

  • Treats everyone with respect, irrespective of their level, background, gender, or discipline or profession
  • Gives clear direction on what needs to be achieved, by whom, by when
  • Ensures that all team members, including support staff, are involved in setting the team’s objectives
  • Understands what the team needs or wants to know, and keeps them informed accordingly
  • Delegates to maximise development opportunities
  • Sets an example to colleagues
  • Monitors performance of others and helps when necessary
  • Keeps close to what is going on – doesn’t leave junior people without support or guidance
  • Is accessible and approachable to people asking for help and information
  • Supports and trains junior staff, shares experience
  • Allows people to do things their way without interfering; intervenes only when necessary to prevent problems
  • Initiates morale-boosting activities
  • Encourages and praises, says thank you
Our Values
  • Accountability: Everyone is accountable.
  • Integrity: We are straight-talking, respectful, and fair.
  • Simplicity: Both in our approach and solutions.
  • Supportive: We are approachable, inclusive, and we recognise success.
  • Quality: We strive to get it right first time, every time.
Our Strategic Themes
  • Client first
  • One Global Team
  • Employer of Choice
  • Growth
  • Innovation